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  • By : Brian Bush
  • September 11, 2008
  • 5:27 pm

Hello Everyone,

As Chuck Freeby said in yesterdays broadcast, we will speak today on the 9/11 impact – 7 years on.

I found it a bit odd that there was light coverage today in the print media of the events that changed both the world and the Middle East.

We recognize that for the world, the chages that have effected most are seen when one travels. There are a lot more changes – mostly made behind the closed doors of Countries.

The changes made here in the Middle East are numerous and complex. Largely, the changes have come not out of sympathy for what occurred upon American soil – but out of maintaining ones control of position and policy on their own country.

Arab countries saw the effect of a band of militant fanatics, and in this volatile region, fear of being deposed or overthrown is still alive – and easily ignited.

Regionally, one could argue that the security cooperation has brought governments a step closer. No one talks much about it – but it is there like current under the waves.

Israel for it's part has seen it's edge on technology focused on security propel it across the globe as countries have turned to the Nation with experience in such matters.

The country as a whole is probably best equipped over here to survive both in spirit and in part should there be any such act carried out. It is perhaps a testimony to Israel's hardened policies of deterrence, prevention, and retribution that has led to no such hyenas event.

But for those Militant fighters, where ever they are, aggressive surveillance has stymied much of their desires. It still needs to be seen about their wills however… this will take generations to overcome. Still out there and prevalent is fear, as the articles and segments in the media remind us.

But let the Bible remind us that our days are written in the Book of Life – that nothing escapes His sovereign Will, and that true peace and security is only found in His Love.


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