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A Day of Blessing

  • By : Brian Bush
  • October 16, 2008
  • 12:26 pm

The Holiday atmosphere continues here in the Jerusalem today!

We have had quite a crowd the last couple of days and with the nice weather today – there's going to be more.

I went out and around the Old City and it was a bit frustrating getting around. But wall to wall people didn't seem to aggravate those who came today for the special priestly blessing carried out once a year down at the Wailing Wall.

Hundreds of Jewish men, whose ancestors, they believe through tradition, were members of the priestly class – the Cohen or Kohanim – gathered to hear three verses from the Old Testament.

You will recall that the first High Priest of the Hebrews was Aaron. He was the brother of Moses. Then God set aside the tribe of Levi to serve Him. In todays Jewish world these people have a separate status in Judaism.

Now the verses that are spoken are found in Numbers 6:23-27 and are significant, and were used during both the First and Second Temple periods.

What happens today is that the men gather into groups and spread their prayer shawls over their own heads. Then, they spread out their arms over each other to keep others from seeing them during the actual blessing. This comes from a custom to prevent all the people who came to witness the occasion from being able to see the actual event.

All in all it makes for a fairly big happy crowd here in the city where so much has happened for so long.

And I am living it… and sharing with you.

Thanks for checking in!


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