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A Little Breathing Space

  • By : Brian Bush
  • September 10, 2013
  • 6:36 pm

Hello Everyone,

What a change a day can bring…

People here in the Middle East are feeling a little breathing space with the developments over the last 12 hours – lets see if we can piece together where things are at on the issue of Syria.

Russian has put forth a plan to place their chemical weapons under international control. Syria has said it accepts the proposal.

Discussion on this apparently has taken place a few days ago at the G20 Summit in Russia between the host, President Vladimir Putin and US President Barak Obama.

The US is remaining tough, while talking positively (with a hint of caution) on the Proposal.

The US doesn't want to see swift and verifiable results without any delays or avoidance.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said the plan would be “exceedingly difficult”.

There is going to be a resolution tabled to the UN Security Council with the aim of ensuring a proper timetable, process and consequences if the Syrian's don't carry out their job.

The concern for President Obama right now is that he will be addressing the Nation tonight and is now obviously doing a re-write of his script.

The primary thing he must put across is that he will make sure this proposal would not turn into a stall campaign.

There have not been a lot of details released about Russia's plan.

Join me tomorrow on the Harvest Show where I will bring you the lasted from here in the Middle East!

Brian Bush
Middle East Corespondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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