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A New King for Jerusalem

  • By : Brian Bush
  • November 11, 2008
  • 9:06 am

Good Day Everyone,

Well – there is so much that one could write about today.

There are the comments about Hamas's leadership recognizing Israel's existence if it be on the 1967 lines.

And there is the 13th anniversary of Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin's assasination with all it's projections and controversial sound bites.

And we also have the fact that it was this day that saw the close of one of the worlds' darkest periods – the First World War.

But perhaps the one item today that I would comment about is the election in Jerusalem for the office of Mayor.

This contest has been portrayed as the secular vote verses the religious vote. This is perhaps due in part because the outgoing Mayor was a Haredi (Religious Jew) man who many in the city where not pleased with.

The election has taken on a real sense of purpose because this city, as unique and special as it is, was ranked the lowest in livability in all of Israel. This includes everything from air quality to education – and all this from Israeli sources who released the reports and studies this week.

But of course because it is Jerusalem it can not escape controversy as the Arab residents, who make up roughly one third of the residents of the city, largely will boycott the election as has always been in the past. This in protest of the political situation.

So who is up for the Office?

We do have another Religious candidate who, ironically ran a slogan that he wanted to attract secular people to Jerusalem. He could win if the religious communities unite their vote for him.

We have the secular candidate who has pledged to construct 10,000 homes for Jewish settlers right smack in one of East Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods. He is slightly ahead in the polls but could loose to low voter turnout.

And to add a little international flare we also have a Russian Billionaire who has been very generous in helping many of the diverse and needing communities of Jerusalem. He is the long shot in this race.

Lastly, we have the symbolic candidacy of a Christian Arab. He, respectfully, will not have the opportunity to pass the threshold.

Polls are open all day and into the night. When I wake up tomorrow I will have one of my news stories to cover with Chuck on the Harvest Show, so stay tuned to hear the results and analysis!

See you then,


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