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A Song from Psalms

  • By : Brian Bush
  • June 24, 2011
  • 10:47 am

Hi Everyone!

Wow – it was one of those days when you wake up and it was so… nice!

There was a cool constant breeze – the birds were singing – and I counted four different birdsong. The fruits are ripe and ready for picking on our small trees – there's doves warming their eggs – it was one of those natural mornings.

Being in this unique place of Jerusalem is something I do try to share with my children.

One of my kids and I were talking about David, and his life both inside and outside of Jerusalem, the things God used him for, and the gift to us found in the Psalms.

“What gift dad?” Well, for starters – the gift of a song in one's heart!

It was in a setting much the same as what we experience here in terms of weather and nature – things God may well have used to help shape (by the Holy Spirit) David's writings for us to learn from.

I like reminding myself about what another great figure in the Bible had to say about God's Word and kids.

Moses wrote that we got to teach our kids about God and Scripture throughout our day – when we rise up, when we move on our path, when we sit down, and when we go to sleep.

My kids got the visual setting to place much of the Scripture in – but it won't do them much good unless they see the love and law of God demonstrated through their parents lives and actions.

And mine aren't perfect – but God has a wonderful way of teaching life lessons about grace – even when a parent makes a mistake.

Kids want integrity – kids want borders – kids want to know… they want to know what God expects of them, they want to know the boundaries God has said are best, and they by and large want to do what God expects of them.

Use your surroundings today – wherever you live, to encourage your child from the scriptures. My feeling is God will use that to honor His way in the life of that young person – His Word never returns back void, and as the Psalmist says – He'll place a new song in your heart.

Have a great weekend!

Brian Bush
Middle East Coorespondant
LeSEA Broadcasting

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