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A Spring Bouquet of Thanks

  • By : Brian Bush
  • May 7, 2009
  • 2:47 pm

Hi Friends,

Well – the dust has blown away and people can see and breath with ease once again!

The beautiful time of spring here is full of colors – and every shade at that. I picked up my daughter at school they other day and took here back to the parking lot where I was a few minuets before… we stayed 10 minuets admiring the variety of plant life and colors coming from the surrounding back yards of peoples dweeling places.

And it is not just flowers that come out – but of course life itself. Having kids – they all want to admire and get involved with all the cat litters they observe… and then they want me to stop the car as we pass our way toward Bethlehem and get out to try and touch the grazing sheep with their little lambs popping around.

And then of the larger size – the other day we took grandma down to Jericho and there we saw packs of camels with their young milking – incredible animals they are!

But the days have begun to turn warm and the grass is beginning to fade – and so is the hay fever!

Of course all this life in nature at this time is a lovely reminder of the new life brought to us as a gift in Jesus Christ. His resurrection from the dead happened at springtime, and like the holiday itself – life is teaching us of God's plan to renew our lives when He comes again to judge the world.

It is a lovely thought… and I wish to say thank you to all the folks who were able at this time of difficulty to reach out and help LeSEA Broadcasting in all it's varying ministries that reach out across the world – bringing people the gift of new life in Jesus, for giving them hope in the resurrection by helping them to understand it, and by giving them the precious Word of God to sustain them wherever they may be.

Thank you friends for not letting your Christian love fade for the people of our world. Your love and care expressed in supporting Christian outreach brings countless souls to the Kingdom – and one (New and Glorious) day we're all going to see it in living color!

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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