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A Tree

  • By : Brian Bush
  • April 8, 2008
  • 1:10 pm

Hi Folks,

Today I did something not associated very much with the Old City of Jerusalem… I planted four trees!! Yes – inside the city walls!

It was actually a perfect day to do so with a slight breeze and the warm sun peeking out between the dark clouds.

There were quite a few pilgrims out and about. There were several groups from Nigeria, two groups from England – some folks from Texas… and even a group from Lithuania. There was also some excitement as group after group of Israeli soilders went running by (for what I am not sure). I was encouraged by some of the passers by who commented on the improvement the trees made.

So why did I plant trees you ask???

My kids have a book that they like about three trees that grow up dreaming that they will be something big and powerful. One tree gets cut down and made into a manger in Bethlehem. Another gets chopped down and made into a fisherman's boat in the Galilee. The last one is cut into beams that are eventually used for a cross by some Roman soldiers in Jerusalem.

You can fill in the blanks on the story – but I love the fact that the Bible tells us that all creation testifies to the glory of God.

There are so many beautiful buildings made from Jerusalem's limestone everywhere in the Old City. Some keep sacred the spots that are associated with the Life and Ministry of Jesus – and they are a sign of importance made by man's hands.

But what about the stuff God makes?! We don't have very much nature or green spaces in the Old City – so this was an opportunity today to make an improvement… to plant a sign that can point people to God as they pass by in this holy city – just as a tree did 2000 years ago – and still does today, in the sign of the Cross.

With all Resurrection Joy,


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