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Accessible Israel

  • By : Brian Bush
  • April 8, 2011
  • 4:45 pm

Hello Everyone,

We often talk on the Harvest Show of a trip to Israel.

There are some folks who can not make the trip for a variety of reasons. Today's blog may address a small number of people, but it's good information for everyone to know.

Roughly eighteen years ago while I was serving at the Garden Tomb I initiated a plan to make accessible (Handicap) ways for the folks who need such as they visited. Indeed, The Garden's was the first accessible toilet installed at a Christian Holy Site in Israel!

Here's the point – Everyone is made to feel welcome in Israel, even those with disabilities.

Recently, The government's tourism industry started a number of projects designed to make dozens of key sites throughout the country accessible. New locations have been made accessible and old ones have been renovated to make them more suitable.

Even the summit of the Massada near the Dead Sea, where the Jewish zealots made their last stand in the first century, is now accessible. Wheelchairs can now reach the upper level of the site at the fortress itself. There is even a special area that has been adapted so that persons with visual disabilities can touch and feel the historic surroundings. Other sites, such as the Knights' Halls in Akko and the amphitheater in Caesarea have also been made accessible for the handicapped. Even beaches and other recreation sites now have accessible paths and bathroom facilities.

Did you know, that if so needed, there is an organization that lends wheelchairs and other aides without charge? Airport pickup for wheelchair bound individuals can even be arranged!

So don't let a perceived restriction hold you back from a trip to the Holy Land for you or a loved one. There are actually organizations established to provide those who need that bit of assistance with the ability to travel and enjoy Israel.

If you have limited mobility they will deliver mobility equipment and health-related products to you anywhere in the country, including your hotel, residence, or at the airport. There is even personalized accessible travel planning advice for Israel available.

So there you have it – one less excuse not to visit!

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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