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Another Remembrance

  • By : Brian Bush
  • April 23, 2009
  • 1:55 pm

Hello Everyone,

On Tuesday we had Holocaust Remembrance Day, and oddly – tomorrow marks, for the Armenian Community world wide, the remembrance day for the Armenian Genocide.

Ironically, Adolph Hitler used the Ottoman Turkish action against Armenians during the WWI era and the worlds apathy towards the loss of 1.5 million lives, as a justification – or pretext to the German parliament for his plans to eradicate their country's Jewish citizenry.

One would believe that Israel, it's people having suffered so much, would identify with the Armenian people and their plight for recognition and justice, but politics with Turkey, the larger and stronger nation, prohibits that.

Basically it's a case of need outweighing moral grounding.

And when one looks at the mess in the Middle East – what's the basic way to get it solved.

Perhaps education. There's a thought… not might – communication… not conquest.

As the peace process is again being ignited with fresh momentum by the Obama Administration, Israel is pushing for it's definition.

And although there has technically been 'peace' between Israel and the Arab countries of Egypt and Jordan, there is still little understanding of each others people and culture. Perhaps with the long lasting conflict this region has suffered, it is still to early to dialogue to remove this ignorance.

Many, including people in Israel and the Jewish Diaspora have asked the question; What is Israel? We have a Jewish religion and there is a Jewish culture. But some have the differential of inquiring if there is an ethnic Jewish people? The Israeli Government's new position, which demands recognition of it as a Jewish State, forces the question.

When that question does get resolved, then the surrounding Arab nations will be able to consider and understand what Israel is.

This will not be easy with war having ravaged this land for particularly the last 100 years. And sadly there have been two generations who were brought up on anti-Jewish education.

But there is a sense of change (or perhaps chance) in the Arab world. One can see the beginning of education for the greater good of humanity is on the horizon. It will be a rough road, and a long journey, but the goal of this process is to rid man of his inhumanity towards his fellow man, so that wars, genocides, and holocausts will not happen again.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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