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Assassins – and Lots of Them

  • By : Brian Bush
  • February 25, 2010
  • 1:45 pm

Hi Everybody,

WOW! We are finally (thankfully) receiving some rain in Jerusalem today! Thank you for your prayers!

Now lets share the latest details on the Dubai assassination that we've covered. You know – the investigation is incredible, some have likened it to a sequel to a movie!

Maybe the title should be: “Dubai Police Commander Strikes Again”, or as some here in Israel have said, “Woman Power”. This is because of the 15 additional “Mossad agents” who – the commander claims – took part in the Al-Mabhouh hit – five were woman (making a total of six in the operation).

The way some media is presenting it here in Israel is similar to a promotional job fair video with mysterious female agents fighting behind enemy lines, changing wigs, hiding under hats, and acting as lookouts.

But the seriousness of the investigation has generated some new revelations, with an Israeli company issuing incriminating credit cards. Also of interest, is the claim, according to Dubai police, that at least two or perhaps three fled by boat to Iran after the operation.

Hamas now suspects that European countries were in on the planning of the hit of it's organization's senior operative. But they are also looking at this and saying; one terrorist, 26 suspected agents involved; passports from Austria, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, which have all summoned their Ambassadors/Counsels; and 16 local Israelis really upset over identity theft.
Australia made it clear that they will not allow this to pass quietly. They essentially said that if the presumption is proven true (that Israel is behind the hit) that that is an “unfriendly act”.

I'll have the latest update tomorrow on the Harvest Show – we'll see you there!

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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