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Assessing the Possibility

  • By : Brian Bush
  • July 6, 2009
  • 7:42 pm

Hi Friends,

Well – the talk here is all about Joe! United States Vice President Joe Biden who said that America will not prevent Israel from attacking Iranian nuclear sites.

That's an turn…

Now here's what may lie behind it;

Senior Israeli officials say they were not surprised by the comments. Israel allegedly delivered a message to the US saying that as a result of the recent activities in Iran, and the fact that their appears to be no regime change on the horizon, Israel must prepare for the failure of dialogue between Tehran and the West.

It has been reported that Israel's Mossad (Intelligence) Director met with senior Saudi officials and the result is that Saudi Arabia to allow Israeli jets to use their airpace to attack Iran.

Now this is not because the Saudis all of a sudden like Israel, it is because they have a fear of Iran. So it seems that the Saudis would close their eyes to the Israeli Air Force jets crossing over their airspace to attack Iran.

For it's part Iran has threatened consequences to Israel if it is attacked.

But Biden's remarks were not exceptional. It may be that the Obama administration is
starting to lose hope with Iran – or, perhaps it is saying to Israel that you'll have to go it alone against Iran.

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Brian Bush
Middle East Corespondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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