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Bargaining Talks

  • By : Brian Bush
  • October 18, 2013
  • 1:17 pm

Hello Friends,

What has happened over the last couple of days with the World-Power/Iran talks and over Iran's Nuclear program?

Obviously, the economic sanctions placed by the international community have brought Iran to the negotiating table. There has been exposure and disclosure, and a general move towards cooperation – that is clear.

Less clear is the endgame in terms of what Iran will accept. There is no indication that Iran has changed direction on the alleged nuclear weapons development.

What the West wants is Iran to candidly announce (with tangible action taken) the government decision to back away from its believed intention to develop a military nuclear ability.

Until it does so, all of its proposals must be seen as tactical steps – bargaining if you will, with the international community.

Obviously Iran's main goal in these talks is to have the sanctions lifted. And like any negotiation between rival parties, Iran seeks minimal concessions in regard to their nuclear context and the maximum lifting of economic restrictions.

But a big issue for Israel in all this is the amount of time that is passing.

Israel fears that Iran is simply buying time diplomatically while their centrifuges spin – practically moving them closer to the weapons threshold.

The introductory talks with Iran were a few weeks ago. The next meeting is three weeks away. And Iran wants a six month 'confidence building' window some time after that. This means Iran has at least 8 months of time to potentially continue it's work towards nuclear weaponry.

The US Administration recently stated that Iran was a year away from achieving the means to have a nuclear weapon.

Israel, it is believed, is now going about diplomatically asking for a target date to the conclude the talks with Iran.

Otherwise, Israel fears, the negotiations will become mere talk, with an announcement at the end, with Iran introducing itself as the latest member to the Nuclear Weapons Club in the International community.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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