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Born this Day

  • By : Brian Bush
  • July 1, 2010
  • 10:25 pm

Hi Everyone!

It was so good to see part of the LeSEA tour group walking through the Old City when they were here. I bet they are still talking about their experiences here in the land of the Bible.

The question of what makes a trip here so valuable can be answered in many ways…
For some it is simply to see the same land their Savior did. For others it is to walk in the same steps as Jesus – and to somehow ponder the depth of what may have been in the mind of Christ as He did so much to let the people know who He was and how they should be living in relation to their Creator.

Some come out of curiosity, some in penance, others to identify, and still more just to see the stories of the Bible they have known for years come alive.

Friends, I have been living here 18 years now – and I walk past countless points connected to prophets, priests, and kings – and it still all hits me. It is an absolutely incredible experience – and humbling too.

Let's be frank – it is also hard… but God has a plan in all our lives – whether it seems so or not. God is for life – and He redeemed it here – in this physical geological place, for countless lives that He loves… which makes the narrative in the scriptures so precious. All over the world, men and women have been moved by God's Word… and here in the Holy Land – you can literally move right by 'that' Word…

The names of the places, the descriptions, the customs, – indeed perhaps close to everything listed in the Bible can be seen in some way… but perhaps the most precious of all – is the changed heart of a dear soul who has found it's peace in what Jesus Christ has done for them.

This is why God left His throne in heaven and came born of a woman – lived among us, was treated unjustly, and yet conquered death and hell – for the value of a soul come home…

Indeed my prayer from here in this city that has seen so much through His-Story, is that whether it is read about, or seen with the naked eye, God would continue to be faithful to His promise to save those whom He loves – and that they, like a new born baby born this day – would be born again into eternity by faith in what God actually did – right here… for me and for them.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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