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Burgas Terror

  • By : Brian Bush
  • July 21, 2012
  • 6:08 pm

Hello Everyone,

The funerals were held yesterday here in Israel for the five Israelis killed in the Burgas terror attack in Bulgaria – a popular tourist destination for Israelis. This holiday spot is cheap for Israelis right now, and is well-liked for having a casino there.

Most of the victims were in their mid twenties with one woman being pregnant. A local Bulgarian bus driver was also killed in the explosion that blasted out the tour bus into a blackened frame.

The images, run over and over here in Israel, bring back the intifada imagery where scores of people were wounded with many losing their lives to suicide attacks on public buses across Israel.

Israel's Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu was quick to blame Iran and it's proxy group Hezbollah for the attack.

Iran has said it strongly condemned “all terrorist acts”, and Hezbollah has not publicly commented on the issue.

Israel and have Iran have had a series of attacks on each others interests though neither will admit to it for a few years running. There have been several attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists and this could be a response.

At this hour the authorities are still piecing together the identity of the suicide bomber.

The CIA and FBI are assisting the Bulgarian investigation, along with an Israeli team.

Some are discounting the original assessment of the bomber and are focusing on eyewitness accounts, fingerprints, and DNA to reconstruct who the man was.

A link has been found to an attempted car rental a few days before.

Apparently the attacker used roughly 6

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