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Change, Influence, and Generations

  • By : Brian Bush
  • December 2, 2011
  • 10:38 am

Hello All,

To me over here in Jerusalem it seems as a matter of months, but we are now in December, and it was last December when the beginnings of the so called Arab Spring began to take place.

So this means a year has gone by since those first protests in Tunisia that centered around the death of an individual in a fruit market sparked change.

This began the repeated protests in the street, the consolidation of oppositions to governments, regimes, and dictators for the improving of the next generation.

You will recall that it all began in Tunisia. Egypt began it's rumblings soon after, with Yemen, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Morocco, Jordan, with even the kingdom of Saudi Arabia feeling the pinch.

Of course we saw different levels of reaction in each place. Every country has its unique make up – some tribal, some ethnic, some religious. All this creates different circumstances – but the common denominator was change – people wanted change.

But unlike the Barak Obama campaign for the office of the presidency in America (which may admittedly helped the Arab publics to muster themselves) this was about changing the rule rather than the conditions.

The desire in these places is to live free, to create change in the structure of governance over people, as opposed to the efficiency of the government.

Of course the core of this is the relationship of the leadership with its public. In these places the governance was not truly elected in the form of democracy enjoyed in America – therefore the people did not put their leader into office.

But with the elections now held in Egypt, some in Israel and the West are saying that the Arab Spring is changing into an 'Islamic Winter'.

Many things affect the balance of power. The uprisings may not be over, particularly as Syria heads towards civil war and if the elections in Egypt prove fruitful. But what may be taking shape is the greater influence of Islamic control – a change perhaps not entirely embraced by all.

There is also the lesser talked about American pull-out from Iraq. But the major thing in these days now is Iran and how the nuclear issue will be resolved. This will influence the region for generations to come.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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