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Christians and the Arab Spring

  • By : Brian Bush
  • September 21, 2012
  • 5:57 pm

Hello Everyone,

As protests sparked by the mindless film made against Islam – some have called the rage and violence mindless.

One group at risk in the big picture of the Middle East are the Christian communities.

They (the Christian communities) have been getting smaller and smaller for the last century.

This phenomenon has been accelerated by the 'Arab Spring' as we have seen a raise in fundamentalist Islam powers.

Some are advocating that this is liable to lead to the disappearance of these historic communities.

There is a precedent, because at one time in the Arab world there were flourishing Jewish communities. Their historic art, culture, and homes are barely visible where once they stood.

Christians have lived largely in peace for hundreds of years beside their Muslim neighbors.

Part of this coexistence was economically based, but there was also a higher degree of interaction and tolerance.

Extremism seems to be the culprit, where one group 'rids themselves' of the other.

The other major component is lack of opportunity for Christians in the Middle East. They look for bettering the lives of themselves and their children abroad.

This too is not new…

But some figures have Christians constituting just 5% of the Middle East's population. 100 years ago it was 20%.

There is a rich history of Christianity in this region – but that is not enough to ensure its future.

Islamist parties are not an automatic threat against Christians, however, given the recent events of the past 18 months here in the Middle East, there are reasons to worry.

Here in Israel, minority rights often comes up as a 'hot' social topic. Many believe it can and must do more to serve as an example to it's neighbors in maintaining of it's Christian communities.

But in places where Christians live securely, perhaps their level of awareness can be raised for their brothers and sisters here in the Holy Land – the birthplace of our shared Faith, and the Church abroad can come to the aid of the Church in the Land of the Bible – much as it did in the early years of Christianity.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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