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City Boulevards

  • By : Brian Bush
  • May 22, 2008
  • 1:33 pm

Good Day Everybody!

Wow – The sky is so blue here today – it is warm, and there are so many people visiting from abroad.

I counted 6 different major tour groups visiting the Old City snooping around the shops and taking in the sites.

All this is enjoyable to see – except of course when there's a crowd trying to get in a place and a crowd trying to get out through the same doorway! No worries – it was probably the same 2000 years ago… but not everywhere.

One of the great places people get to see when they come over is Beit She'an just south of the Sea of Galilee. It is a very old city, but the ruins largely seen today date to the Roman period. The Romans knew how to build – and they made these tremendous constructions for the infrastructure of their cities – and Beit She'an is no exception!

Wide city boulevards made crowd movements easy and pleasant. These avenues were lined with columns draped with moist cloth or wooden beams to protect from the hot sun. Also they had public restrooms conveniently located, public baths, vendors and musicians – all to for the citizen and visitor alike to enjoy.

One wonders when they sit in traffic with horns honking and emissions flowing if things have gotten any better…

But this also brings up another good thing about our LeSEA tours to the Holy Land. We use experienced guides and drivers who work the group around such bottlenecks and rush hour spots. They navigate the daily itinerary so as to give you the maximum out of your pilgrimage.

We are looking out for you over here on the Mediterranean – just like the Romans did!

Have a great weekend,


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