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Cooperation Between the US and Iran

  • By : Brian Bush
  • June 20, 2014
  • 7:12 pm

Hello Everyone,

Somber news as ISIS militant Islamic fighters in Iraq have reportedly taken a weapons facility tied to Chemical arms in northern Iraq.

With this news we now have a real potential for huge problems.

Should ISIS use Chemical weapons in Iraq or Syria – America will react, and if that use were to occur in Shia areas within Iraq – Iran will get involved.

America has now announced they will engage in limited military actions to assist the Iraqi forces in their push back against ISIS.

But the issue will be how far the American and Iranian cooperation may go.

The two powers – at odds for decades, are now being brought together to affront the common threat.

Neither wish to see the jihadist group carve out their desired caliphate in Iraq.

Up until today, the contact and scope of talks has been secretive and low. But if ISIS use Chemical weapons – this will bring collaboration between the US and Iran.

The two powers have worked with the each other before. And to a degree are doing so now with the nuclear talks in Geneva.

But back in Iraq, after it's 2010 election, current Prime Minister Nouri Maliki was assisted by both the US and Iran to stay in power, despite the fact that his coalition had lost power in the parliament.

In 2001, Iran shared intelligence as the US invaded Afghanistan. After things calmed down, Iran offered to work under US command in rebuilding the Afghan army.

On the outside of this situation, there is yet formed a common strategy on dealing with ISIS, but the sides are at least talking.

The introduction of Chemical weapons would, in all likelihood, will facilitate rapid cooperation on every level with decisive retaliatory steps against ISIS.

Let's pray that this situation will, as best as can, be reversed – and the peoples of Iraq find the path to a unity government that would solidify coexistence and economic prosperity within this oil rich nation of huge significance to the Muslim world.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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