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Democracy and Ignorance

  • By : Brian Bush
  • July 15, 2011
  • 2:12 pm

Hi All,

We see again a momentum in Tahir Square in Cairo, Egypt as the public asserts for faster reform change in Egypt.

Their goal, the same as many in the Arab world, is democracy.

Many in the world have embraced the democratic spirit driving the so-called 'Arab Spring'.

But only a few months on and we do not yet see the 'free world' responding in concrete forms and encouraging the democratic elements in Arab society.

Of course many are mindful of the West's opportunity to turn these masses into allies.

But along with aid packages and reform expertise, governments need to provide the nuts and bolts to building bridges with parliaments and policy-makers across the Arab world – where revolutions have happened, are happening, or potentially will.

The West has long exported the message of freedom and democracy. And it has been called out for hypocrisy in regards to Arab leaderships.

Perhaps democratic countries need to provide the necessary tools to seize this historic opportunity to support democratic movements in the Middle East.

If they don't, there are those who will speak out against such change – and will manipulate the popular hope into extremist viewpoints.

Governments of the so-called enlightened world need to bring a spirit of collaboration with the leaders of the masses and their existing governments in whatever shape they may be, and guide them into positive initiatives for placing the peoples destiny in their own hands.

Working together there would be no limit to the important work that could be achieved by the international community.

People understand, in repressive regimes, on the street, and in houses of representation, that there are strategic implications for their countries, the Middle East, and the world.

History is being written in the Middle East today – it will have long term implications for the entire international community. The democratic governments of the world should provide tangible support for representatives, try and give answers to the challenges facing these publics – and potentially grant legitimacy throughout the world, to these people's voice – wherever they are.

The alternative is clearly a chaotic Middle East environment.

People often say that the biggest challenge to the free world is Islamic radicalization. That may be – but if it is true, it came about through the allowance of ignorance. Ignorance allows such movements to prosper.

One of the world's greatest achievements is democracy, and it's essence is that it is for all.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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