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Details on the Document

  • By : Brian Bush
  • February 11, 2014
  • 4:34 pm

Hi Everybody,

We have gotten some detailed word that US Secretary of State John Kerry's points of understanding will include that the Palestinian's recognize Israel as a 'Jewish State'.

This document that the US administration has been working hard on for months, is to be presented to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu at the White House in about two weeks time.

It will include recognition of Palestine as the national state of the Palestinian people, but that isn't worth much to the Palestinian people.

What is important to them is that the understanding states that the negotiations will be on the basis of the 1967 cease fire lines.

However, it also includes what is important to the Israeli's, mainly that there will be exchanges of territory, taking into account the large Jewish settlement blocks in the West Bank.

Right now, any deal will be a hard sell to either side, with one recent poll citing that most Israelis do not believe it is possible to sign an agreement with the Palestinians.

One commentary pointed out that recognizing Israel as a 'Jewish state' is significant only for those who think that it is possible to sign a peace agreement that solves the conflict.

The key here is mutual recognition because both parties, in negotiating their respective positions, need to reach a formula to do so.

We are talking about a near 100-year-old religious and national conflict.

One of the challenges Mr. Netanyahu has is that, in demanding recognition from the Palestinians, he needs to have a broad national agreement on defining just what the Jewish state 'means'.

Critics within Israel are saying that the State lacks both a constitution and any consensus on what a 'Jewish state' would entail, and that the citizens need to know about this structure first – before the Palestinians.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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