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Determination of Fate

  • By : Brian Bush
  • February 15, 2011
  • 8:46 pm

Hi Everyone!

Inspired by the sight of steps towards democracy born from the masses in Tahrir Square – the Arab world continues to have contractions towards freedom.

As mentioned in President Obama's recent speech to the Egyptian people, the rest of the Arab nations citizenry have begun to crave freedom.

It is more than a romantic idea that has inspired the people – it is determination of fate.

And in Egypt, with the military council in control, the Arab world's leader has dissolved Parliament and committed to the creation of a new constitution in the next 10 days. These are pragmatic and good set of steps at the start. Clearly, the council feels the pressure to get it right, because if they can't – what chance do these other fledgling movements have for hope of change in their regimes.

And so, the upheaval continues: the Palestinian government has resigned in order to hold elections, in Iran, tens of thousands were the streets calling “Death to the dictator.”, Algeria has seen demonstrations and clamp down, and in the tiny gulf state of Bahrain, the king of has gone on television to announce his directive that an investigation be opened into the deaths of two protesters killed in clashes with security forces as people now control Pearl Square.

The West, although trembling at the potential consequences and potential instability, can not go any other way but to say that these victories of (mostly) non-violent revolutions, in both Tunisia and in Egypt, are not only a stable basis for future democracy – but a blow to the immediate threat of Al Qaeda on the West's homelands.

If this people power can elevate themselves out from under their repressive regimes, they will be determined enough to clamp down on the violent fundamentalist to secure their earned fate.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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