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Different This Time?

  • By : Brian Bush
  • August 5, 2014
  • 2:32 pm

Greetings Friends,

We are giving it another go here in Gaza as a 72 hour Cease Fire has come into effect.

Many pundits have pointed to the rapid crumbling of the previous cease fire arrangements believing that this one won't last either.

That may be true – I pray it won't be… and this time there is a difference.

Israel has confirmed it has pulled all of it's troops out of the Gaza Strip and they are now poised on the Israeli side of the border.

This was a key position for Hamas in negotiations all along for a cease fire.

Also, we saw the seven hour unilateral cease fire declared by Israel yesterday that allowed desperately needed food, living, and medical supplies to begin to get into Gaza via Israel. It was not perfect, but it held.

The pressure is on Mr Bibi Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister, to bring an end to this conflict from the international community. Yet within Israel, upwards of over 90% of Jewish Israelis want to see the operation continue in Gaza.

Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Lapo Pistelli, arrived this afternoon at Ben Gurion International Airport with an aircraft carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza. The Israeli political leadership are keen to display two things right now, that they care about the civilian welfare of Gazans and secondly, that they are cooperating with the international community.

So the truce, as at this hour, continues to hold, commentators are focused now on doing battle with the steps Israel's leadership has taken, the 'efficiency' of the results, and political jockeying for next years' elections.

What is clear is that neither Hamas not Israel want a return to the status quo, with Hamas wanting a lifting of the blockade on Gaza, and Israel wanting the demilitarization of the Gaza strip.

Let's pray that the three day truce will hold, that people may see humanity in each other and lay down aggressions, and the sides somehow talk to a compromise in which hostilities can end and solutions amiable to the needs of Gazans to live unrestricted along with Israel to be secure and not under threat be found.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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