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Election Day

  • By : Brian Bush
  • November 4, 2008
  • 11:12 am

Hello All!

What else is there to speak about today but the American Elections…

“YES WE CAN”. “CHANGE”. It's the moment of truth.

Whether you are out and about in west Jerusalem, or down in the markets of East Jerusalem – it is all the talk.

People here seem excited to see the outcome – and as usual have strong opinions to share about who is better in their site – Senator McCain or Senator Obama.

Most Israelis it seems have a favorite. For the Palestinians, they feel whoever moves into the White House next it will be the same for them as it has been since 1967 and 1948.

But analysts continue in that final push to capture the yet undecided vote.

One such argument caught my eye.

It was suggesting that Israel could benefit from John McCain's greater interest in foreign affairs. It is true one could aurgue that Barack Obama is more interested in America's domestic policy. But the analysis went on to rationalize that it is good that it is estimated that 70% of US Jews have declared that they would vote for Obama. They, this proportion of American Jews, it was suggested, could be attesting to the fact that they do not bring the benefit of their distant country (Israel) into their electoral considerations – and that their number may be growing.

Either way, we must pray before we vote, and pray for the leader who is elected to lead the United States… and in a way – the world.

Have a good day,


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