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Election Day

  • By : Brian Bush
  • February 10, 2009
  • 3:53 pm

Hey – it's Election day – long waited for and anticipated.

Many public places are closed, schools are closed, people treat it kind of as a holiday…

The weather here is pretty bad at the moment. The wind is raging and there is sporadic rain. But there was high voter turnout this morning and the mode in the State is certainly upbeat.

There has also been the accusations of voter fraud, illegal campaigning and the likes – but all in all things are proceeding.

There is no clear winner in sight – and indeed both Tzibi Livni and Bibi Netanyahu declared their confidence in victory at the end.

It was interesting – moments ago Mr. Netanyahu did say that the public perceives that he has already won so those who are voting now are voting for fractional groups. Could this reflect a degree of uncertainty in his Likud camp – perhaps.

The momentum certainly favors Livni and her Kadima Party.

The press have been reporting on the impact the Gaza operation has had on the campaigning and ultimately the outcome of this election.

People seem to feel that territorial concessions and those who are connected to the peace process have not led them to a “strong” Israel. Therefore the Right wing groups are benefiting from this.

The counter argument is that with the tone of the Right wings message comes the concern over the future of democracy for this country and more left wingers therefore feel motivated to come out and vote.

The other fact is that this election, more than any previous one in Israel's history, may well boil down to the youth vote.

And the radical message of some of the politicians is catching their ear.

Isn't it a comfort to know that, even though I am not permitted to vote, I can trust and place my faith in the fact that God knows the next leader of this country – and He asks me to pray for that leadership. God's plans can not be frustrated – nor changed.


I'll be bringing you my live update with the results and analysis tomorrow – so tune in then!


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