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Entering Gaza

  • By : Brian Bush
  • December 30, 2008
  • 1:14 pm

Large forces are concentrated on the Gaza Strip border. On the highway I saw large convoys of tanks and armored ambulances and personal carriers, refueling and ammunition trucks.

This is not a deterrent – but preparation for Israeli infantry into Gaza. The potential for casualties, destruction on the ground, and political implosion are very high. The number of variables will be much greater than that of the aerial assault over the past few days.

Here in Israel and in the world pressure is beginning to increase to halt the self-described “war”. The Prime Minister, Mr. Olmert, has directed the States ministers not to talk about ceasefire.

Israel's Security Establishment is saying that 50% of Hamas's launching capability is still intact. Here's the problem Israel is facing right now; With the aerial operation exhausting itself, how will it enforce an 'iron fist', so said the Prime Minister, against Hamas. In this equation are there the civilian deaths to confront.

Some people, I have noticed, are comparing the current situation with Hamas in Gaza with that of Hezbollah in Lebanon back in 2006.

I do not see it as such because Gaza has no strategic depth and Hamas is, although international, a small and limited organization. It is perhaps not desperate but it is certainly besieged and fairly isolated internationally.

Please join us here in the Holy Land in praying for the Christians in the Gaza Strip – who are caught up in the destruction. May God grant them wisdom, faith, and protection from every side of this conflict. Please pray that somehow a calm may be established as soon as possible – for the sake of all.


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