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Espionage in Lebanon

  • By : Brian Bush
  • December 17, 2010
  • 8:21 pm

Hi Everyone,

Lets continue following the story of uncovered espionage in Lebanon.

The Lebanese Army has officially confirmed that they have uncovered Israeli spy apparatus.

This follows the activities two nights ago where Lebanon reported the movements of war ships and planes off the coast of Sidon – north of Israel's boarder.

During that night, according to reports, the Israel Air Force fired upon and exploded one of their own spy facilities in the waters off the shores of Sidon. The Voice of Lebanon radio explained that witnesses heard a tremendous explosion as a result.

For it's part, the Israeli Defense Force Spokesman said that there had been no unusual movements on their part.

This action followed the exposure of two spying facilities inland on the mountains that overlook Beirut. The Lebanese Army reported the two advanced spying facilities were camouflaged as boulders, and today displayed photos showing English and Hebrew writing on the casing of the gear.

Within what is being described as the main facility, equipment that marks targets at a range of dozens of miles was discovered.

All this is good news for Hezbollah. They need distraction from the apparent blame that will be leveled against them from the UN commission into Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri assassination. Now they have undisputed fodder to tout and rally the masses behind as they seek to 'protect' Lebanon…

For it's part, although not pleased, Israel is not really upset by the matter either because it sends the very clear message that activities in Lebanon are being monitored – at Beirut's doorstep.

Recently, Hezbollah discovered that their closed fiber optic communications network that runs throughout the country was tapped into by Israel – well inside Lebanese territory, much to their disgust. Now both they and the Lebanese have to accept again the fact that Israel finds it easy to penetrated their territory and set up espionage services.

And with the level of sophistication being employed, this must make both Hezbollah and Lebanon paranoid that everywhere, at any given moment, they are monitored. And this kind of pressure can lead to operational mistakes… something Israel will feed on.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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