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Ethiopian Protest

  • By : Brian Bush
  • May 1, 2015
  • 4:27 pm

Hello Everyone,

Last night In Jerusalem the police helicopter and sirens were making noise all night.

What started out as a peaceful protest of a few hundred people grew to a mob that turned violent.

Around 1,000 protesters from Israel’s Ethiopian Jewish community, demonstrated against police violence and racism.

This after video was released of two Israeli police officers assaulting a young Ethiopian soldier.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu denounced the attack and appealed for calm as the protest moved from the national police headquarters here in Jerusalem to his official residence.

The police and security forces were caught of guard and their handling of the affair has been sharply criticized.

The demonstration disrupted traffic and continued for around 10 hours.

Police used riot dispersal tactics, smoke and concussion grenades, teargas, along with horses in their attempt to control the crowd.

The demonstration continued well past midnight, with running clashes between protesters and police as people threw stones , bottles and occasional fire bombs.

Amazingly there were a hand full of people taken to the hospital, and three officers hurt.

Authorities contacted leaders of the Ethiopian community in there attempts to settle the situation down.

Much like the situation in America concerning the use of force by police against the Black community, this incident opened many underlying social issues for many Israelis here and how they see themselves in the society of the country they wish to live in.

Brian Bush

Middle East Correspondent

LeSEA Broadcasting


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