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  • By : Brian Bush
  • May 6, 2008
  • 12:42 pm

Hi All!

Everything is a-bust with action here today! There's a lot of hussel and bussel about right now on the streets and in places of commerce – but before we get to that – let's satisfy Mr. Chuck Freeby who wanted to know the latest on the developing affair with Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert!

It was described yesterday as a “fateful day” – but so far it hasn't been. In the Olmert case there was expected to be a dramatic development today from the judge handling the investigation – but instead of releasing some limited information – the judge has extended the gag order on all details.

What do we know at this hour of posting; the information that led to the investigation of these new suspicions against the Prime Minister were discovered during the State Comptroller's investigation of the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry one year ago. This means what ever this was all about – it was done while Mr. Olmert was not Israel's Prime Minister.

We also know that the police are pursuing his old lawyer and some foreign nationals to question. This means things will take time – exactly what the police do not want to give Mr. Olmert, as he can again maneuver to potentially protect his interest.

Now on to the vibe of the day – an atmosphere of celebration is in the air as parks have been ready for festivals, jets for air shows, and flags flags flags! It is Israel's 60th anniversary – which will officially be celebrated on Thursday.

But before this, beginning this evening, Israel remembers its fallen soldiers of the country's independence and those who have died in it's service since.

Official events and ceremonies commence at 43 IDF military cemeteries located all over the country and at a Bedouin Soldier's Memorial down in the south of the country.

After this day of sorrow – the mood erupts into a more joyous one as the nation celebrates it's 60th birthday – and that Chuck – is what I'll be writing about on Thursday!

See you then!


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