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Feast of Tabernacles

  • By : Brian Bush
  • October 1, 2009
  • 5:47 pm

Hi Everybody,

Lets talk about the upcoming holiday – the seven-day Sukkot festival.

We call it the Feast of Tabernacles, and it is mandated for the Jewish people in Leviticus 23:34-35 and 23:39-43. It begins at sunset on Friday and concludes at nightfall on Friday, the 9th of October.

All seven days of the holiday are marked by special prayers and scriptural readings. On Saturday, within the synagogues, will be read the Book of Ecclesiastes.

Sukkot is a joyful, family oriented holiday, which follows – and provides a contrast to – the somber, introspective and private character of Yom Kippur.

But it is not seven straight days of party… many businesses and institutions will open for business, but most do so with reduced opening hours.

Sukkot is characterized by two main practices. Jews are enjoined to build, take all of their meals in, and (if possible) sleep in, temporary huts topped with thatch or palm fronds during the festival.

These huts (sukkot in Hebrew) commemorate the temporary, portable dwellings in which the Jewish people lived during their 40-year sojourn in the wilderness that followed the exodus from Egypt and slavery.

The second main Sukkot observance is the special bouquet – consisting of a closed palm frond, a citron, a myrtle branch and a willow branch – that is held during morning prayers on each of the seven days (except the Sabbath); its origins derive from Leviticus 23:40.

Thank you Lord, for taking care of our dwelling, and for freeing us from the bonds of sin!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Brian Bush
Middle East Corespondant
LeSEA Broadcasting

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