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Flotilla Report Fallout

  • By : Brian Bush
  • September 2, 2011
  • 10:54 am

Good Day everyone!

The tensions between Turkey and Israel seem to be boiling again as the deadline set by Turkey for Israel to apologize for the flotilla violence last May that claimed has passed.

The United Nations has now released it's Palmer Report, which was set up by the UN Secretary General to listen to both versions of what happened in the event that the lives of nine Turkish citizens.

The relations between Turkey and Israel, once allies, has been heavily strained and all but broken. The UN got involved to try and resolve the dispute, but now Turkey is threatening to recall it's Ambassador to Israel over it's refusal to apologize.

Looking at the report, Israel is pleased that the Commission stated that the enforcing of the naval blockade in international waters is legal – as it is a potential route for arms smuggling that would ultimately be used against Israel.

Israel is also happy at the Commissions' statement that it had the right to search the vessel at sea.

Turkey strongly rejects these determinations.

The Turkish government has been enjoying broad national support for their hard position against Israel. Turkey's stance only helps it's position in the Muslim world – something they are anxious to do.

The report also citizens the organizers of the flotilla for attempting to break the blockade saying that it put participants in danger.

Here in Israel it was Mr. Netanyahu's government coalition pressure that has kept him from making any kind of reconciliatory statement.

Israel is taking legal actions to protect it's government ministers, officers, and soldiers from legal ramifications both in Israel and abroad.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and we'll see you Tuesday, live from Jerusalem on the Harvest Show!

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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