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Free to Fear

  • By : Brian Bush
  • July 17, 2008
  • 9:11 am

Today is a fairly quite day here in Jerusalem – as was yesterday.

As the drama surrounding the two Israeli Soldiers abducted by Hezbollah two years ago comes to a painful end, this country mourns it's loss.

In contrast, there is much celebration pushed forward by Hezbollah in Lebanon – meant to goad Israel for the death and destruction brought upon it.

In Israeli society the soldier is sacrosanct.

It is possible that all the political upheaval did play a role in the deal for return, but sooner or later it would have taken place.

The focus now turns to working for the release of Gilyad Shalit, abducted and held by Hamas in Gaza. He is thought to be alive – and Hamas will more than likely wish to extort a higher price to share the stage with Hezbollah in controlling the shots on negotiation.

Many of the scenes and logic that have been viewed may be hard to understand in our Western mind. There is good and bad.

I admit that I have not fully understood it all either – and there are many here who express disbelief at the events.

One thing is sure, which I have yet to have heard in the media, Samir Kuntar, the terrorist who killed 5 including the brutal murder of a four year old girl, is a marked man – despite his release.

In fact, his release only serves the justice of kill with a gun/die by a gun. He will not live a free man – but will live how ever many days he may have, shackled to fear and paranoia, and on the run from the inevitable.

The other reality on the radar screen is that he may help lead to Sheik Nasrallah's demise – leaving him in a way perhaps even more isolated now than he was in the Israeli jail.


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