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Gain or Loose

  • By : Brian Bush
  • February 1, 2013
  • 5:51 pm

Hello Everyone,

As we move into the weekend the situation in the Middle East doesn't look so pleasant in many places – particularly in Egypt where depending upon how you look at it – the country has the most to gain or loose.

Thousands of people hit the streets again – stating their opposition to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

This may be because it's just after the two year anniversary, or it may be because it is the first anniversary of the football riots in Port Said where 74 people were killed, or because this last week has been the highest loss of life since the first democratically elect President of Egypt came to power.

These new and growing protests are the first true test to Mr. Morsi's rule as more and more the anger is turning sectarian with protesters objecting to the Muslim Brotherhood's hijacking of the revolution.

The protesters feel Morsi is imposing authoritarianism upon the Egyptian public.

There have been voices of reason calling out as leaders of some of the political groups have condemned the violence.

But calls by other groups for more rallies and street demonstrations seem to bear more weight.

Protesters also marched to Tahrir Square and on the presidential palace in Cairo in the centre of Cairo. Further rallies were staged rallies in Alexandria up the coast.

Mr. Morsi's supporters say that the opposition is trying to use intimidation and street power to depose the first democratically elected leader.

Both Morsi and the opposition can either find a formula for dialogue or have to use greater force… all this under the eyes of the Egyptian Army who could make or break the situation for either side in Egypt.

I'll have an update for you on Monday's Harvest Show – so be sure to join us!

Brian Bush
Middle East Coorespondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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