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General Assembly Underway

  • By : Brian Bush
  • September 24, 2013
  • 10:04 pm

Hello All,

The United Nations General Assembly got under way today – and Israel is in the spotlight.

Late today, the news media was aflush with statements made at the UN, and reactions to them here in Israel.

Center stage was US President Barak Obama.

Mr. Obama's emphasis was on Syria's chemical Weapons, rapprochement with Iran to resolve the nuclear crisis peacefully, and the Israeli/Palestinian peace efforts.

On Syria, where there is a potential diplomatic solution in the works, the president is yet pushing for the ability to take military action while praising the diplomatic efforts of the international community.

With the new signs emerging from Iran that it may be willing to discuss its nuclear program, and it's desire to reengage with the West in a constructive manner, the President has ordered the Secretary of State John Kerry to work with Iran.

This is seen as positive news – but here in Israel many voices are saying that the Iranians are buttering up the West and buying time as they race towards nuclear armament.

And concerning Israel, even from the get-go at the UN with Secretary Ban Ki-moon's address, the theme is the same – time is running out.

President Obama provided an updated assessment of the American approach to the Middle East to the annual United Nations General Assembly.

Let us now see what Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will bring.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has ordered the Israeli delegation to boycott the new Iranian leaders speech.

President Rouhani will actually depart before the arrival of Mr. Netanyahu for his address.

We are glad we are able to keep you abreast of developments on the Harvest Show – see you there!

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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