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Happy Birthday!

  • By : Brian Bush
  • May 8, 2008
  • 12:21 pm

Hello Everyone!

Today is, in most parts of the country, a day of celebration! It's a day to focus on achievements and identity here in Israel – and WOW – it is a beautiful day!

It's Israel's birthday! As many of you who have visited here, you've seen a land of contrasts – and today there are contrasts in different parts of this land as there are those who mark this day in a different way… but here in the Old City of Jerusalem as the acrobat jets fly over and I hear the music of two or three different bands playing in parks – it is a day of celebration in Statehood.

The streets are full of people as most are off from work. There is no school today so families are out and about enjoying the sun, scenes, and specials of the day. We have sky divers, concerts of every genre of music, art, dance, sports – it's all happening – and ohhh the traffic!

Various greetings from the worlds leaders are coming in – acknowledging the States accomplishments over the past six decades – and this is where I must look at all this celebration happening around me and ask myself the question here in the holy city; Where will I be in my life with God at 60? What accomplishments in my life will be accredited to Him? Will He celebrate with the choirs of heaven over my establishment?

I suppose these thoughts are in my head today both because of Isreal's Independence Day, but also because I had a pretty rough day yesterday. I started today by asking God to forgive me for my sin – knowing that am dependent upon Him for my existence – and yes, my identity.

But back to people! You can be one of these people – a part of these birthday celebrations – over here in Israel by jumping on our LeSEA Tour to the Holy Land! It's coming up quickly in the middle of next month!

Will I see you here for the party?

Go to to take your first step in coming over!

Hoping to celebrate with you,


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