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Hebron Update

  • By : Brian Bush
  • December 4, 2008
  • 9:42 pm
  • Categories: Sad

Chuck asked for an update on the ongoing situation in Hebron – so here is the latest at this hour.

The settlers have been evicted from the disputed house – including the American-Jewish man who claims ownership.

The evacuation took about 20 minuets to complete – but that was only the start of troubles. Even now – Israeli Army and border police are still skirmishing with bands of settlers who have gone on a rampage in different areas throughout the surrounding Palestinian area.

Hebron is divided into two distinct places. The area under Israeli control that holds about 450 settlers, and then the rest of the city that is home to about 170,000 Palestinians.

There has been damage to Palestinian property – mainly homes, cars, and fields set on fire. This is a two fold strategy of the settlers as they seek to weaken the grip of the Israeli security forces and sadly as a way of revenge, or payback, against the Palestinians for their eviction.

The large problem Israel is facing is that in recent months more and more people have documented and pointed out the lack of law applying to the settlers living in the West Bank.

The scenes of today reinforce this – particularly footage of a settler firing at a Palestinian at point blank range.

Such scenes, it is thought, will backfire upon the settler movement as the more anarchical they are the more the State must execute the rule of law. It also runs up the price tag of the State's operation to provide protection to Hebron's Jewish residents.

There may come a point in time, as when Shimon Perez was Prime Minister, that the leadership of the country will say it simply can not provide the thousands of troops deployed there – particularly when the ones whom they are protecting turn on them as we have seen again today.

That's the latest at this hour – we'll have more during tomorrows Harvest Show, so tune in then!


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