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Hezbollah Top of the List

  • By : Brian Bush
  • August 10, 2009
  • 4:01 pm

Hi Friends!

This week in the news it is largely about the threat from Hezbollah – not Iran, that is making the headlines. Numerous security establishment assessments indicate that Hezbollah will try to attack Israeli targets in Europe, or perhaps along the border between Israel and Lebanon.

This alleged plan of the Organization is the reason behind the heightened tensions on Israel's northern border in these past weeks.

Israel will hold Hezbollah responsible – and no doubt they and Lebanon itself would pay for the consequences.

But Hezbollah, although wanting to avenge the assassination of one of their senior terrorists, many analysts believe – do not wish to confront Israel militarily.

What they do want perhaps, is to create another opportunity for a kidnapping of an Israeli soldier.

Although nabbed by Hamas, IDF Corporal Gilyad Shalit will soon be spending his fourth birthday in captivity after having been nabbed while on patrol.

Hamas's rival Palestinian political party Fatah has had a huge convention in Bethlehem this past week. In a
Palestinian report it was noted that progress in the negotiations for a Shalit deal were in the works for a release by the end of September

According to the Islamic Jihad news site Israel has become more flexible, citing discussions convened by Netanyahu. In those talks it was supposedly agreed to release almost all of the prisoners desired who are being held by Israel.

If in fact Mr. Netanyahu did make this decision – it is a strategic one because it means he can face the threat of Hezbollah alone.

One thing is concrete in all this, the Hamas delegation in Cairo is discussing the whole matter of Shalit's release – again.

We'll be hear to keep you up to date…

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Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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