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Holiday Time

  • By : Brian Bush
  • April 24, 2008
  • 8:54 am

Hi Everyone!

It is good to be back home with the family – and that's what this season over here is all about – family!

It is Passover here in Jerusalem and the Old City is packed with people everywhere – so much so it is a bit hard to move around and get anywhere!

All week long folks come from all over the country and arrive and visit the various sites in and around Jerusalem. There is a heavy police presence for crowd control that makes it a bit difficult for people who live in the Old City to actually get home – but all this is still centered around this special holiday.

Passover marks the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt, from slavery to freedom. Jewish families tell the story as if it had happened to them personally and not as a mere historical event. This helps to emphasize the importance of the event and ties the people together throughout their generations.

Like we find throughout the Scriptures, God is providing a reason for us to recount His goodness to us – His faithfulness. And as a Christian family we can celebrate at this time that we have been liberated from our slavery to sin and will one day be brought to that promised land – the new heaven and earth.

All that is made possible by Jesus, that we see so vividly in the story of Moses and the exodus. This story will be recounted in Orthodox Churches both here and throughout the world as the Eastern Church celebrates Easter.

It just all adds to the excitement, and importance, of Jerusalem – my home.

Christ is Risen!


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