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Iran's New President

  • By : Brian Bush
  • June 18, 2013
  • 5:29 pm

Hi All,

Let's discuss the election of the Islamic Cleric Hassan Rohani as Iran's new president.

The United States believes that Mr. Rohani's election gives hope that the situation regarding Iran can change for the better – therefore he will be given a 'chance'.

The White House is looking for a possible sign of reconciliation with the world over Iran's nuclear program.

Israel is so optimistic.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu struck a doubtful tone saying that the International community must not become caught up in illusions and warned that the West must not delude itself.

Mr. Netanyahu went on to say; “The new Iranian President has previously defined Israel as Satan, he must be measured solely by his actions.”

However, Israel's President Shimon Peres said that the Iranian election result is “good news.”

In Defense circles, a decision to carry out an attack against Iran's nuclear installations seems expected to be postponed until next year.

In Mr. Rohani's first press conference, he said that Iran would increase the transparency of its nuclear program but would continue to enrich uranium.

Now we must be realistic, and accept that this is a very positive diplomatic point to restart talks between the West and Iran. One cannot expect that this election of a new President will lead to a Western-style democracy for Iran.

But the American Administration seems to have the perspective now that they have a window of more than a year in which to test Mr. Rohani's intentions and to speak with him.

This will not be to Mr. Netanyahu's liking, but it appears Israel can't do too much other than continue to gather intelligence on the Iranian nuclear project and watch Washington's efforts to cut a deal with Mr. Rohan – who is clearly perceived as wanting to ease the sanctions placed upon the Iranian people.

But Mr. Netanyahu believes his famous red line (displayed at the United Nations General Assembly) has not changed. And Israel's Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon has said that the Iranian nuclear program must be stopped, one way or the other.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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