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Israel's Public Warning

  • By : Brian Bush
  • January 21, 2014
  • 3:09 pm

Hi Friends,

We've had another deadly blast in Beirut… and the situation in the Gaza Strip is not too stable with Hamas moving troops to stop the random rocket fire into Israel that's been occurring for several days.

Just moments ago, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu publicly warned Hamas that the rocket fire into Israel must stop.

Israel eliminated an alleged Islamic Jihad militant in Gaza two days ago.

By carrying out the operation to deter rocket fire, and any attack like this, Israel risks a greater response back and an escalating of tensions.

Israel is sending a few reminders to both Hamas and those in Gaza who would wish to disturb the peace.

First, Israel is demonstrating its superiority. Second, that they are in control. Thirdly, don't test Israel's determination.

Israel is not interested in a conflict, and neither is Hamas.

Mr. Netanyahu would benefit in the public polls and in the domestic diplomatic arena should an operation into Gaza occur.

However the close-quarters, prolonged combat needed to go after terrorists in the Gaza Strip would be liable to strengthen Hamas.

Israel doesn't want that, as Hamas is more isolated right now than it has ever been.

If Israel were to begin military action, it could lead Egypt and the Palestinian Authority to come to Hamas's aid and bolster relationships.

Thus far Israel has avoided such an entanglement.

It has made an effort to maintain the calm, while at the same time retaliating so as to make clear the potential price of any escalation.

That's what we have seen in the series of attacks over the past several days.

Let's pray that the violence will cease without any further risk to life.

Brian Bush
Middle east Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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