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Israel's View on the Crimean Crisis

  • By : Brian Bush
  • March 18, 2014
  • 4:24 pm

Hello Everyone,

With all the events taking place rapidly in Crimea, Ukraine, and Russia – what impact does this have on Israel.

There has been no official response from Israel, and we probably will not see one.

Israel, although not condoning the action, sees like many do in the international community, the self interest of stability for Russia upon the peninsula for the fact of Russia's Black Sea Fleet based there.

Russia is a superpower, and Israel tries to keep a good relationship with the Kremlin.

Russia and Israel do not see eye to eye on issues like Syria and Iran, but there have been moments of cooperation and there is mutual respect between the two countries.

Trade and commerce is good – with one out of five people in Israel actually of Russian decent.

Some analysts and politicians are observing how all this is playing out in light of Israel's situation with Gaza and the West Bank.

Israel accepts it can not act like others in the past who have taken over areas – from Saddam Hussein's takeover of Kuwait to the Chinese invasion of Tibet, both of which were more deplorable than Russia's occupation of Crimea.

Some voices are also saying that the American and European responses against Russia are too little, too late.

The biggest trouble for Russia may be the exclusion from G8 activities, but that will not last forever.

The European Union probably won't take any meaningful steps because many of it's independent member states are dependant upon resources from Russia such as natural gas.

Some in Israel were worried that the situation in the Ukraine, Russia and Crimea might effect the World Power talks with Iran over it's nuclear program in Vienna – but it appears not.

One thing to note is, that amidst all this turmoil where there have been some deaths, and the situation is tense – it is not on an explosive and volatile level.

For this, one may be thankful, and join in prayers for a continued search for a peaceful conclusion to this crisis.

Russia, nor anyone else, does not need more nationalistic terrorism within it's borders originating from the Ukraine – and the peoples of this region who have suffered through many upheavals and injustices over time deserve lives free to live and prosper.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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