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  • By : Brian Bush
  • May 21, 2009
  • 12:53 pm

Hi Folks!

Thank you to those who have written with their reflective comments about the blogs – it's wonderful to have the interaction and to share. It's impossible for me to know or comment about everything that's out there – and you are helping to bridge that – which is why I enjoy hearing from you!

Today here, for Israelis, is called Jerusalem Day – a day emphasizing a united Jerusalem. And in light of the news of yesterday with the alleged plans of the Obama administration for Peace here in the Middle East, it's a particularly 'charged' day.

Many editorials and media commentaries are along the lines of the city losing it's symbolic significance – hence the struggle of many over it's geographic integrity.

But some are saying that the important battle is not over Jerusalem's stone – but rather it's place in Israelis' lives – in their hearts.

For a lot of Israelis, the issue of sovereignty over Jerusalem symbolizes the revival of the Jewish people to the land of Zion. Therefore, when one speaks about sharing parts of the city, there's a problem.

Mr. Obama has moved into the annals of history with his accomplishments in becoming President of the United States. It may be that he will be wishing to solidify his history further by securing what many before him have sought – that comprehensive peace deal for the Middle East. There are different groups in Israel who will welcome his momentum and push for peace, and there are others who will oppose such a plan as has been speculated thus far.

As I went around the Old City today and witnessed all the flag waving and guiding – my mind went back to another comment in the Israeli media (by a Jewish person) that spoke about a Jerusalem under Jewish control, and that for some this is more important than making the city a spiritual home for the Jewish people. The author was emphasizing the aspect of Jerusalem's place in man's heart and mind – and that reminded me about Jesus and His words…

Lets place importance upon the throne of our heart and who sits upon it, lets remember Who our City of Refuge and Tower of Strength Is, and Who's mind we should thus have, as we await the great City of God.

Everyone be encouraged – we have a great Hope – Who leads us in the ways of Peace!

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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