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Jews under Palestinian Sovereignty

  • By : Brian Bush
  • January 28, 2014
  • 3:22 pm

Hello All,

Let's discuss the controversy over Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's remark at the World Economic Forum in Davos this last weekend.

Mr. Netanyahu has caused quite a stir saying that he would not evacuate (from the West Bank) any Israeli from his home.

This was coupled with a later remark attributed to an official in the Prime Minister's office to the effect that settlers who decline to be evacuated could live in a future Palestinian state.

Jewish Home Chairman Naphtali Bennett, a rising political star who in many ways represents the right wing settler movement, accused Netanyahu of losing his sense of values, being delusional, and offering an unacceptable concession to the Palestinians.

Mr. Netanyahu is expected to reprimand Mr. Bennett for, in his view, acting without national responsibility for speaking his mind.

But even members of Mr. Netanyahu's own political Likud party are at odds with the idea of Jews living under Palestinian rule.

But the bigger problem is how Israel's voice is heard and perceived abroad.

The Netanyahu government continues to speak with several voices.

Netanyahu is upset because in front of the world's political and business leaders, he intended it seems to lay a 'trap' for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and instead – one may say Mr. Bennett walked into it.

Mr. Netanyahu wished to point out to the world stage what he feels is Palestinian racism and anti-Semitism, thus how can he negotiate, trust, or be a neighbor to them.

Instead, he has a political newcomer who sits in his inner cabinet circle come in and hurt Israeli interests by demonstrating a non-unified Israeli government stance in the peace negotiations.

In Bibi's mind, this makes Israel – and more importantly himself personally, look weak. It also effects the perception of potential political and financial investment in the country.

The fact is, this position became clear in 2011, when Netanyahu suggested to the US Congress that settlers might be left under Palestinian sovereignty. This idea was allegedly discussed with Mr. Abbas as recent as May of 2013.

Netanyahu is reportedly outraged at Mr. Bennett saying that he will not ignore this.

As for Mr. Bennett, his confidants say that he will be happy to meet with the Prime Minister at any time.

Prime Minister Netanyahu will make clear in his reprimand of Mr. Bennett, that if he is uncomfortable with how he (Netanyahu) runs the country or the peace negotiations, he can resign.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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