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Libya Must Build Itself

  • By : Brian Bush
  • October 21, 2011
  • 12:33 pm

Hello Friends,

We have all seen the developments in Libya that has concluded the 9 month uprising.

Muammar Gadhafi was the longest ruling figure in the Arab world and the African continent.

His flamboyance, shrewd and calculating mind, and the force in which he ruled are now removed.

It is a fact that he was a survivor on the world stage. Now that he is gone, the question is, will Libya survive?

Libya is a tribal land… a land sometimes hard for western minds to understand because it's core sociology is based upon things (Koranic teaching, Islamic tradition, and sociological traits) most in the West are not exposed to.

In other words, for the peoples of Libya, they now have no 'Libyan' leadership – the first time for the majority of the populace who have known no leader other than Gadhafi – and now one must emerge.

What many there see is a Western leadership put in place that, as far as they are concerned, was there to help force Muammar Gadhafi out.

Human nature being what it is – people will cling to and promote that which they know and understand, and are comfortable with.

Some have predicted that the people of Tripoli will not include the welfare of the desert tribesman, and the tribesman can not appreciate the national needs of the nation.

This new leader will need to posses the earned respect of a very fractured group (and interests) of the land's peoples.

The wealth of Libya is immense and diverse. Yes the oil, but for example the nature and archeology are foundations for tourism.

Libya must build itself – albeit with Western assistance, but it must not be seen. The people are a proud collection of old ways and forward thinkers, and this generation of change must stop and think about what they will build for their future generation – a Libyan generation absent of conspicuous outside influence.

If the National Transitional council can forge this, things will be OK… for the citizens, for the investors and economic growth, and for those who chose the maintenance of traditional ways of life there.

Lets hope and pray that with all the adrenalin from the success of defeating Colonel Gadhafi, people in power will not try to use the terrible violence that has plague this north African nation for over four decades.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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