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Meltdown of Diplomacy

  • By : Brian Bush
  • August 1, 2014
  • 4:33 pm
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Hello All,

The 72 hour truce that surprised everyone who woke up here this morning was too good to be true… it lasted around an hour and a half.

Today has turned out to be terrible, as early this morning Gazans came out to find food, belongings, and to look for and bury the dead.

Caught off guard, they were subjected to airstrikes and shelling as they wandered.

Both sides blame each other for the breakdown in the truce – meant to be for humanitarian purposes.

At the time of writing this more than 40 Palestinians have been killed today, with two Israeli soldiers having been killed and one missing in action.

This meltdown of diplomacy will have it's toll – particularly upon Hamas and the people of Gaza.

Turkey, Qatar, Jordan, and Egypt were all involved along with the UN and the United States in wrestling a cease fire into fruition. These countries will be less likely to put their necks out again for formulating a break in the hostilities. This will only serve to further isolate Hamas and Israel both.

Israel has warned people in Gaza to get back inside and stay put, a direct warning of sorts that there is more heavy things to come.

With over a quarter of Gaza's population now displaced, the UN and other agencies are struggling to coupe – and are simply not able to help the sheer numbers fleeing the scope of destruction.

Many parts of Gaza are only receiving an hours worth of electricity, and sanitation plants are shut down, food unable to be kept, all in the summer swelter of heat along the Mediterranean coast.

Israel has confirmed more tunnels have been destroyed, but the perception is that when they do finish with the tunnels, they will purse Hamas personnel – starting with it's leadership.

Lets pray, as we think of the innocents caught up on both sides, for those who are crying out to God, that they may find His peace, that the hostilities would stop – even briefly, so that the mounting humanitarian supplies can indeed reach the people in need, and of course – a complete stop to this.

Today has been a repeat of what happened last week – let's hope that this cycle can cease – and the sides need to be made to start to talk. But with today's developments, it's hard to see someone stepping up to fill that role.

The US and UN will continue to engage – but their leverage is limited in ways that Arab countries can only fill it seems.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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