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Middle East Crossroad Moment

  • By : Brian Bush
  • June 26, 2012
  • 1:15 pm

Hello Everyone,

Lets dig a bit deeper into analysis on the impact of Egypt's new President Mohammed Morsi.

At first glance, from a Western perspective – and admittedly for many here in Israel, the fear has become reality: the “Muslim Brotherhood” has won Egypt.

Mr. Morsi, once a member of the Committee to Fight the Zionist Enterprise, has now been elected President of the most important Arab country in the region.

His victory speech said that Egypt will respect all international agreements, and this is what Israel is expecting – continued cooperation as has been over the last decades.

Quietly however, it is being reported here that the government is preparing for a demand to open the peace agreement.

But there is concern here in the Middle East over radical Islam's potential rise to power in the region – and now in Egypt's leadership.

That may be why Morsi, in his speech, took a reassuring tone saying 'our face is towards peace'.

But some can't ignore that Egypt has elected Islam – including many Egyptians. For the revolutionaries there, the election of an Islamic candidate is a blow to the hard work they fought for.

This is why (most likely), but also at the behest of the ruling military council, that Mr. Morsi announced that he would appoint two secular vice presidents.

The fact is, Egypt is split between the Seculars and Islamists – and is run by a 24 member military council.

These men have made sure, that the newly elected President will have clipped wings when it comes to authority.

So what could Israel do at this crossroads moment?

One editorial suggested Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, “should take the microphone and congratulate the new president”, adding that Israel must remind Egypt of the significance and importance of their peace agreement.

Mr. Morsi will not necessarily love receiving congratulations Bibi, but instead of heading straight twords a cooler coexistence – how about wishing Morsi success.

Again, Morsi will have to focus on a failing economy that 85 million rely upon.

Yes, it may be that the revolution which toppled Hosni Mubarak was stolen by the Muslim Brotherhood with it's slogan: “Islam is the answer” – but now the rubber is meeting the road.

We all must wait awhile before drawing conclusions. Morsi will have his hands full defining himself, the Presidential powers, and a 'new look' Egypt – while answering the call to save employment and the economy, the tourism industry, and a country full of rich cultural heritage.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcast

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