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Netanyahu and the Golan

  • By : Brian Bush
  • October 16, 2012
  • 4:07 pm

Hi Everyone,

It came out earlier this week that Israel's Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu may have been working the political backwaters with Syria in cutting an agreement to disengage from the Golan Heights.

Obviously this all went down before Syrian President Bashar Assad's country began to crumble – and, this information could be a victim of distortion in the run-up to early Israeli elections.

This does cast Mr. Netanyahu in a different light, because publically he has been stanchly opposed to a withdrawal from the area captured by Israel during the Six Day War.

Diplomatically, from the West's point of view, to bring Syria out of the so called Axis of Evil, it needed to make peace with Israel.

Negotiations have quietly gone on through several Israeli Prime Ministers, and Netanyahu appears to have been no different. Perhaps Western pressure made him check to see if a deal could be struck.

But the Arab Spring has changed all that.

The riots during the past year in the Arab world, and particularly in the countries around Israel, are morphing into a new Middle East – one that unfortunately may be more radical in it's identity.

There are those here in Israel who are not surprised by the developments – and some say more are on there way.

Be that true or not – the Middle East is a dangerous region right now.

How does Israel live in such an environ of uncertainty?

It identifies dangers in advance, analyzes their significance, and takes decisions to minimize them.

With so much uncertainty and awful bloodshed and destruction – all the masses of displaced Syrians… there is a huge Syrian instability.

Any Prime Minister of Israel will use this their advantage in reference to the Golan Heights issue because Syria will be a mess for years to come.

In any cause, come a new government, or a reconsolidation of President Assad's power, in the end there must come an agreement and peace between the two countries.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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