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  • By : Brian Bush
  • July 22, 2008
  • 3:16 pm

Hello friends!

Well – the helicopter is circling in the sky, police are everywhere – but Mr. Barak Obama is still in Jordan.

Why then all the fuss? Unfortunately we had another man take a frontloading bulldozer and go on a rampage on one of Jerusalem's main streets.

Actually all this occurred very near to the hotel where Obama will be staying tonight.

At this point, it seems that only one person of the 16 injured is moderately hurt. This means that the driver of the bulldozer probably acted impulsively in carrying out this action – not planning things out in a manner to maximize his terror.

But no doubt it was awful enough.

When Obama finishes in Jordan he will arrive to an even tighter security than that of the British Prime Minister Mr. Gordan Brown who just visited the country.

Some are saying here that Obama is coming just to capture the Jewish vote in his run up to his bid for the Presidency, others are giving him the benefit of the doubt and saying that he is genuinely trying to broaden his knowledge of the region.

Either way, since Barak Obama serves on committees relating to America's military and foreign policy, his visit both to Europe and to the Middle East will be of value to the judgment he and his colleagues in the Senate must have to lead America forward in these next few years.

The Middle East is complicated (to say the least), and that is why LeSEA Broadcasting is committed to you as a viewer in bringing you live news and information, from our Christian perspective, multiple times a week – including this blog!

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