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Olmert's Future

  • By : Brian Bush
  • September 9, 2008
  • 2:55 pm

All the headlines are about the possible jail time Israel's Prime Minister could be facing.

Many are feeling here in Israel that the Attorney General Meni Mazuz will eventually decide to indict Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on most of the charges in the police indictment recommendation we spoke about yesterday on the news.

One of the tell-tale signs that I can share with you, as one living over here, is that it should be noted that not many investigations here have brought the involvement so closely by those in senior State position.

To expand a little on what I shared on during yesterdays news, Mazuz is seen as a fairly weak Attorney General in light of his decisions regarding Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his corruption charges and President Moshe Katsav and his sex scandals. This dealing with Mr. Olmert, who will be leaving office where Sharon and Katzav did not go willingly, provides Mr. Mazuz with an opportunity to change his image by adopting the full indictment that the police have recommended against Olmert.

This would be popular with the public.

But Mazuz may have a set-up for Olmert to escape the severity of jail time. Some analysts see the bribery charge against Olmert to be weak. If Olmert dismisses himself from office, then the prosecution may drop the bribery charge and reward him with a plea bargain deal.

This speculation may be more about saving the office of Prime Minister than saving Olmert.

Whatever happens, as we spoke about yesterday, the law here in Israel does not require the Prime Minister to resign. But with the conclusion of this police probe and it's unanimous findings, it is being said in the media that logically and ethically Mr. Olmert would probably do everyone a service by wrapping up his responsibilities and resigning.

We'll see you again Thursday!


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