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One Down and One to Go

  • By : Brian Bush
  • March 3, 2015
  • 1:01 pm

Hello Everyone,

Well – it's one down and one to go… Reaction to Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's address before the American Israel Public Afairs Committee has drawn mixed reactions here in Israel.

Most commentators it seems are actually saving their thoughts for today's speech before Congress.

There are many voices saying this whole thing is a mistake, but many are saying Prime Minister Netanyahu is benefiting politically in many ways.

The thing some pundits are critical of is that the Prime Minister, who all here in Israel agree is a master at Israeli political spin, has orchestrated for himself a taxpayer paid to Washington DC where he is projected to pick up millions in campaign cash and free media coverage two weeks before elections.

His political adversaries can only sit back here at home and watch.

They have to spend cash to rebut the Prime Minister.

On the relations with the White House, some see that President Barak Obama is changing his tactic a bit.

After harsh warnings on Israel divulging secret details within the framework deal being discussed with Iran, and the lauding of the unprecedented support of Israel by the Obama administration – the onus now falls on Mr. Obama's response to the Prime Minister's speech today.

The media here see Mr. Obama's interview with Reuters news interview as a compile of facts, which the White House released prior to the Prime Minister's speech yesterday.

But oddly, the one who may benefit the most in this wrangling is Iran, who can squeeze more out of the negotiations with America as it knows Israel is providing pressure on her.

After all, President Obama mentioned that there is no good reason not to negotiate with Iran.

But Iran has rejected the idea of suspending it's nuclear activities for 10 years as Mr. Obama wants.

Israel wishes to insure that no aspect of an Iranian nuclear program could possibly be used to create a nuclear bomb.

Israel is not alone in this desire here in the Middle East – but it is certainly the most outspoken.

We will see in a few hours time what Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will say to Congress.

Be sure to join me tomorrow on the Harvest Show for reaction from here in Israel and the Middle East.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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