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Palestinian Reconciliation

  • By : Brian Bush
  • January 4, 2013
  • 6:19 pm

Hello Everyone!

Hope you have had a joyous Christmas and wonderful start to the New Year.

There has been a good development in Gaza today as hundreds of thousands of Fatah supporters rallied mark the group's 48th anniversary.

The significance here is that, beginning back in January of 2006 with Hamas's win in the Palestinian elections, the group (Hamas) has grown stronger.
Fatah and Hamas are the two largest political entities in the Palestinian territories.

Hamas is more of an Islamist movement – Fatah models itself as Secular.

They fundamentally disagree in their approaches towards Israel's existence and in relationship with them.

Hamas has refused to renounce violence, recognize Israel's right to exist, or accept the peace accords that have been made between the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority and Israel.

Back in March of 2007 a Hamas-led unity government was formed, but in June of that year, serious Hamas-Fatah clashes occurred in Gaza.

In response, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas dissolved the Hamas led government – and Hamas ousted Fatah from Gaza.

Since then there has been friction and hostilities. But in May of 2011 Hamas and Fatah signed a reconciliation accord.

Recently, we have seen Hamas allowed to celebrate it's founding in the West Bank, and today – for the first time in five years, a Fatah rally in Gaza.

This all appears to be coordinated to bring about an atmosphere of reconciliation and tolerance among 'a divided house' as Palestinians realize that they must find peace among themselves before they can achieve peace with others.

Brian Bush
Middle East Correspondent
LeSEA Broadcasting

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